Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Zipper for the Black Leather Dress

Recently I wore my new black leather dress which was discussed in the 10/18/14 post 'A Classic Black Leather Dress.'  The fit of the dress is good, but the appearance of the zipper at the neckline bothered me.  The solution?  I removed the zipper and replaced it with a longer zipper.  Here is the revised dress:
A new zipper for the leather dress; note its appearance at the neckline is smooth
The zipper travels over the shoulder and down the back for a few inches.  I used all 48" of the zipper.
The zipper on the back of the dress is an unexpected design detail.
Below is the original dress.  If you look closely, you can see that the zipper top ends at the neckline which is not unusual.  The problem is that the top of the zipper, in my opinion, became a focal point of the garment.
With the new zipper treatment, I feel the viewer's eye returns to the interesting triangular panels of the dress.  I do not enjoy revising new garments, but the second zipper was quick and easy to install.  I plan to wear this garment for many years so I want it to be as pleasing as possible.

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  1. Hi there and Happy New Year,

    Congratulations on the change to make this beautiful dress, even more so. I know how difficult it can be to replace a zipper in leather as you have to stitch in the same holes, to avoid ripping. I have done it once and I think it was more luck on my part!!
    Would love to see a picture of you in the dress.
    Looking forward to more on your blog in 2015.