Monday, January 19, 2015

The Polo Dress Acquires a Jacket/Invisible Separating Zippers

Do you recognize the style of this jacket?  The pattern was used in the Wool Shrinkage post on 11/14/14.  The only differences are the omission of the collar and the replacement with fringe.
The 11/14/14 post discussed my issues with wool shrinkage during the construction of this jacket.

The polo neckline dress was created last fall using the couture quilting techniques taught by Susan Khalje; see the 9/7/14 post French Jacket Sewing Techniques for further information.  I love the dress but I felt I needed a jacket for cool evenings.  The jacket features the same quilting techniques as the dress.
I would have liked to place patch pockets on the jacket, but I felt the hip pockets on the dress would not align attractively with jacket pockets.  The location of the dress pockets is exactly where I want them, so moving them is not a good option. Lengthening the jacket was also undesirable, so no pockets on the jacket.
The bottom of the dress pockets is visible along the jacket hem
The jacket has a deep neckline so I reinforced the curve with fusible tape.
A separating invisible zipper available at was ideal because I did not want the closure to be a focal point.
Invisible zipper installed on the right jacket front
Invisible zipper installed on the left jacket front
The plaid pattern is matched across the invisible zipper
I spent most of 2014 working with fabrics I already owned.  In other words, fabric determined design rather than the reverse.  My thinking was that I had many beautiful fabrics in my stash and I felt guilty not using them.  With the completion of this jacket, I have worked through my fabric stash sufficiently to say it is now a "reasonable size."  When design drives a project, there is usually not an appropriate fabric in my stash and I must purchase the desired fabric.  During 2015 you will see me return to the couture runway and create new garments inspired by my favorite designers.  While budget is always a consideration, I am excited to be able to try occasional new fabrics from my favorite suppliers.


  1. Hi there Ann,

    Beautiful as always. I so look forward to seeing your inspirational work.
    I am playing with the idea of sourcing some leather this year and tackling making a dress. Really hope that I get around to the challenge!!
    Thank you for sharing your work with us, its always wonderful to see work of such a high standard.

  2. Love this pattern - and never thought to do it in boucle! Both your versions are beautiful. I sewed this in leather.

  3. Beautiful! And such impeccable work matching the plaid. I look forward to seeing what you make in 2015.

  4. So pretty.
    My first thought was you were going to wear it like Jennifer Aniston's dress from the SAG awards the other night. Just need the long necklace. ;)

    It looks really beautiful with the dress you made to go under it!