Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Visit to a Sewing Expo

Last week I attended the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo.  Like many of you, I have been attending on and off for at least twenty years.  Most of the one hour classes are inspiring and fun.  Occasionally a class disappoints me, usually because the instructor covered a subject only on a superficial level or did not deliver the information as promised in the course brochure.  The exhibit hall is an opportunity to see new products and creative ideas.  I'll share with you the items I purchased and what I plan to do with them.

First is a basic pant pattern from Rae Cumbie's Tabula Rasa Pattern line.  For a small fee, I tried on a muslin made up in my pant size.  Fit was analyzed, and I was given a specific list of changes I should make to the pattern to improve fit.   While I fit myself regularly, it's helpful to have someone else give suggestions.  I'll make up the pants this summer and let you know how they turn out.  Rae's company is FitforArtPatterns.com.

Inspired by Rae's artful jackets, I purchased a 3 1/2 yard bundle of
Asian inspired cottons.  Does this fabric look like what I normally sew with?  No, but the colors appeal to me.  The goal is to use the prints (and beads, trims etc. as desired) in a timeless, unique garment that I feel comfortable wearing.  The garment will not be a kimono or similar style garment. I may cut motifs from the fabric and apply them to a garment rather than use the entire yardage.  This will be a fun process. 

This is an ink kit for fabric.  I purchased inks, stencils, and all the tools necessary to work successfully with the ink.  It was tempting to just purchase the ink and skip all the tools, but I think the process is harder without convenient tools.  I don't plan to paint flowers, animals etc. on garments.  Rather I would like to create subtle border effects with the ink and stencils.  I could see splashes of ink on limited areas of a garment.  Many designers are selling simple dresses with a touch of hand painting for summer 2013.  The kit is sold by TSC Designs (teacherstamp.com).

I'm not worried about beaded collars/bibs falling out of fashion.  They look so nice under a classic jacket (refer to numerous winter Chanel collections).  These were $5 and sold by SuesSparklers.com.  I purchased several as my nieces visit me every summer and they might enjoy embellishing with hot fix crystals or hand beading.  A 1/4" black grosgrain ribbon is stitched to the top points so the bib can be tied around the neck.

This iron on transfer is for niece A.  Maybe I can talk A's mother into purchasing a nice fitting tee so we can embellish it!

Niece K loves blue and green, so this iron on transfer is for her.  We'll need to purchase a wide neck tee or place the transfer low on the neckline.  Both options will work.

I also have niece M from Pennsylvania.  Niece M has not visited me in a while, and I hope she resumes visits to Chicago so we can sew together! 


  1. How inspiring and colorful! I can't wait to see what you do with those pieces from that fabric bundle.

  2. You came home with some nice finds. Thanks for the links. I'm especially intrigued with the ink kit.