Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stitching Standing Up, Task Lighting

For two years I have been refurnishing my work room to be more efficient and organized.  The last purchases have been made and I am very happy with the result.  You might find my machine table interesting because it is a custom height that will allow me to stand ergonomically correct while using the machines.

The table is 42" high, 60" wide, and 25" deep.  To use the overlock machine I stand facing the side of the table; this allows room between the two sewing machines for the fabric being sewn.  The machines measure 5-6" from bed to bottom.  This 5-6" needs to be considered when determining your desired table height so your hands and elbows are held in a healthy position.  If I were to wear shoes with heel height the table would not be the perfect height. 

note the wrists are not higher than the elbows
I want to stitch standing up because I think it is healthy for the back in particular.  In addition I think my efficiency will improve while I move between the iron, work table, machine table and storage area.  No more pinning while holding the fabric in my lap!

The machine table has two task lamps and my work table has one task lamp.  The lamps have LED bulbs so they should provide energy efficiency without making the work area hot and possibly causing a burn if I bump them with my hand.  The lamp arm bends and rotates so I can light the machine bed.  I don't want the task light high above the machine because the top of the machine causes the machine bed to be in shadow.
Koncept 3 LED task lamp
I'd love to show you photos of my entire work room but it is a little messy these days.  Maybe later this year.

I didn't mention vendors and prices in this article because there are options at all price points and custom furniture is not necessary for sewing.  If you set a small furniture budget, consider using a pub table; they are very affordable online and heights vary from 36" to 42".  For lighting, set a budget and see how much wattage you can get for the money. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I have plenty of project ideas for 2013.  I will be starting two beginner level tutorials later this week.  One is a vintage Burda skirt, the other a Vogue knit dress.  In addition I will feature a very interesting advanced level Marfy (Italian designer pattern company) jacket tutorial.  Have a happy 2013!


  1. I like those lights, but I will admit that I miss the incandescent bulbs. I had never thought of a pub table, I will have to search.

  2. This looks wonderful, but... All the machines i have had have foot pedals. Are you using a different kind of machine, or do you not have any trouble controlling a foot pedal while you are standing? Thank you!