Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colorful Tees

Thanks for the thoughtful comments about the leather jacket.  It seems that leather is interesting to many sewers.  I am organizing a leather dress project as well as several jacket projects.  In the meantime, I thought I would show you some quick knit projects I completed recently.  The beauty of knit tops is they are perfect projects for when I am tired or only have a little time to sew.  I like to sew a balance of easy and couture.  The fabrics are a wonderful quality of cotton/spandex, and I purchased them at  The price per yard was not low, but the quality far exceeded my expectations.  I was in the mood for color and pattern, so they are definitely not "neutrals"!
Style 120 from 8/2014 Burda Style
It was fun to play with the stripes (look at the two sleeves).  It has been a while since I mentioned that my all-time favorite pattern company is the Burda Style magazine which is a monthly magazine subscription.  I purchase the English version at  The black leather dress I will be featuring in a few weeks comes from the current semi-annual issue of Burda Easy which is readily available in sewing stores and at  /EasySewing1.html.
To make a tee more fitted, you can add a waist line casing and elastic in back.
Style 120 from 8/2014 Burda Style
Red is always a fun color to wear.  If the colors of these tees seem too strong to you, remember they might be perfect under a blazer.
The integrated scarf is easy to sew and quite clever.  Burda patterns have unique features and are very accurately drafted.  I have never found a pattern to fit strangely or be drafted with errors.
Style 131 from 8/2013 edition of Burda Style
The pink tee has a scarf that wraps round the neck.  The scarf is part of the front panel and cannot be removed from the tee.

Prints don't always agree with me.  I added heat-set crystals, perhaps 100, to the pink tee.  The crystals made me feel more comfortable wearing the print for some reason. 
Style 131 from 8/2013 Burda Style
The scarf tee in emerald green is very useful as it looks great with navy and gray as well as black and khaki.
Silhouette pattern #150
Black and white seem like a relief after all that color.  Hounds tooth and polka dots for fun.  I'll have two dresses to share soon, and then I plan to focus on jackets and coats, couture as well as easy to sew.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow - your certainly are a prolific sewist! All of your tops are great.

  2. Great additions to your wardrobe! I have not purchased fabric from, but I just received a fairly nice coupon, so I think I'll give them a try.