Friday, June 29, 2012

Glove Making Made Modern

Sewing Level:  Easy and Intermediate

Over the years I have attempted to make gloves to coordinate with a special garment.  I used the sewing machine and the finished gloves were sloppy and uncomfortable to wear.  Finally I have discovered the secrets to making a respectable pair of gloves in a reasonable amount of time.  Maybe it seems odd to bother making gloves when stores sell a variety of great styles and fabrics.  I viewed glove making as an unconquered sewing challenge.  Here are my recent results.

4 way stretch lace underlined with tricot
These gloves can be pulled up to the elbow or scrunched down around the wrists.  They are mid weight so I would wear them fall into the Christmas season for day and evening.  They would be lovely with trousers and the short faux fur jacket I made last Spring. 

Thumb is always a separate pattern piece

three pleats on top of hand

The key to sewing beautiful gloves is to sew them by hand rather than with the sewing machine. I created Vogue 7949 View A in a 4-way stretch lace from  The black lace is backed with a heavyweight nude tricot (work done by the factory) and neither fabric frays.  I used a tiny running stitch, wrong sides together, with a 1/8" seam allowance.  While the gloves did take several hours to assemble, it is a perfect project to carry with you and work on while waiting for appointments, watching family sports events etc.  Vogue 7949 fit great and I have a somewhat long, boney hand.  The middle finger of the View A pattern is a bit wide and next time I will narrow it 1/2" total in circumference.  The other fingers were form fitting and comfortable.  The pattern has sizing for the length of the glove but not the width of the hand so you will have to experiment.  Here is the pattern:

a great glove making pattern

Not interested in hand sewing a pair of gloves?  Then eliminate the fingers and be cool! 

These gloves are made form polar fleece and are lined with nude cotton/lycra knit.  You can sew and embellish them in an hour. 
quick, easy, and you can use the sewing machine
The pattern is available at  The pattern has two sizes, and it is easy to adjust the pattern length.  Fingerless gloves are practical, even in a cold climate, because you can accomplish tasks without removing your gloves.  Pulling items from your purse and making telephone calls are easier in fingerless gloves.  Happy sewing!

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