Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bathrobe or Eveningwear?

I've written several posts featuring a metallic rayon/lycra knit available at  The dresses I made are attractive, comfortable, and travel well.
5/3/12 post '1936 Gown and Faux Fur Coat'
3/11/13 post 'An Easy to Sew Knit Dress from DKNY'
4/23/13 post 'Knit Dress with Neckline Twist'
I like the fabric so much, I decided to use a navy/silver option for a bathrobe!

My philosophy is wear what I sew as often as possible, rather than saving good garments or fabrics for special events.  I really don't need another metallic knit dress, but I could use a lightweight bathrobe for spring, summer and fall in Chicago.

It doesn't matter what pattern you use.  I owned New Look 0918, so that was my starting point.
What mattered to me was structure in the neckband, pocket, and belt areas.  A bathrobe should be soft and comfortable, but it can have shaped areas.  I applied fusi-knit interfacing to the neckband, belt, belt carriers, and pocket facings to create structure.  The robe is not something I could easily find in a store.
The pocket sag is inevitable given the gathering in at the belted waist.  If I had fully interfaced the pockets, rather than just the pocket facings, the pocket wouldn't sag but it would stand away from the robe completely.
Next up on the blog:  fun faux fur projects which are on trend!

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  1. I totally agree, sew what you love to wear.
    Nothing wrong with Glamming a nightgown, I love it