Monday, August 19, 2013

Background Art - Ann's Oil Paintings

I usually photograph blog sewing projects in my home, and occasionally a portion of a painting hanging on the wall appears as photo background.  For over two decades I have experimented with oil paints, and my home is decorated with my creations.  For fun I thought I would give you a quick tour of the paintings.  The first photo is in my living room, and it appears most frequently in blog photos.  The woods and winding path are fictitious.
A cafe in Europe; someday I'll go there.
Mountains, a stream, and a meadow in Montana.
Rocks, ferns and palm trees, probably in a remove corner of Hawaii.
A fruit bowl.  No painter is accomplished until they can paint fruit!
The frame below is more attractive than the flowers in the painting.
Many years ago Thomas Kinkade paintings were popular.  I painted this scene inspired by a calendar photo of a Kinkade painting.
A castle with lush gardens.  The landscape was painted far better than the building.
A tiger.  This painting sits above my husband's chair at the kitchen table.  I'm proud of the lifelike detail in the tiger's face and fur.
A sailboat and rocks; a classic painting subject.
Willow trees and tall flowers.  The painting was done with a palette knife rather than a paint brush, and the paint is very thick.
My favorite painting.  A garden with bridge and water, inspired by Claude Monet.  This painting took several weekends to complete.  It is quite large, 24" x 36".
This painting took three hours to complete.  The paint was applied thickly with a palette knife, then blended with the light touch of a brush.
Last but not least, this quilt hangs on a wall in the showroom.  My Arizona sister created it for me two years ago, and the colors are bright and beautiful in person.  It's about 6' x 5'.  This sister quilts, embroiders, and sews handbags.
Thanks for touring my art collection.  I've been on vacation this month, but now I'm rested and it's back to sewing!  I should have an interesting project up next week!

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